wpid-wp-1438554657820.jpgMeet Perrisha, a young and vibrant Jamaican with a constant desire to discover! 


I’ve always been excited about the many things to experience in life. My aim is to inspire you to “live more” by providing information on great destinations I’ve come across. Places I recommend for you to try, even once! Learning new things, eating different foods & meeting stranger-friends for cultural exchange, is what I call LIVING…

I also have a deep appreciation for aesthetics! It is not limited to nature as this admiration extends to interior design, landscaping and architecture.

“Where’s Perri?” is therefore a medium to share all these magnificent sceneries with you from my perspective. Hope you’ll enjoy them just as much as I do!

All things “Nature” • Free-Spirited • Locked • Wanderer • Optimist Dreamer • Lover of love & laughter